Troubleshooting USB Browsing

Troubleshooting USB Browsing

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported experiencing issues with usb de view. USBDeview is a Windows application that allows you to view a checklist of all connected USB devices to your PC. The information displayed includes not only the legal name of the device, but also a short description, the type of electronic device, and the serial number of the flash drive you are currently using and/or have previously used.

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USBDeview v3.02
Copyright (c) 2006 * 2021 Nir Also

  • USB softer

    browse via ethernet -USB Network Gate allows you to work remotely with USB devices over (Internet/LAN/WAN) such as Ethernet if they were connected to your own machine. This will help you share a USB device between multiple computers on a network so that people around the world (or in your office) can use it. Suitable (available for Windows, for Mac and – linux)

  • nk2edit editing, merging Microsoft Outlook Fix and AutoComplete (.NK2) files.
  • devmanview Alternative to Windows Device Manager.
  • WirelessNetView – monitoring of private indoor wireless networks.
  • Description

    USBDeview is a small utility that lists all the USB devices currently connected to your computer.everything on the USB devices you used.
    Detailed information is displayed for each USB device: device name/description, device scope, serial number.(for storage devices), specifically device date/time, adding VendorID and productid more…
    USBDeview also callsAllows any user to remove USB devices that you previously used and disconnect in usb is currently connected to your electronic devices, and disable and enable usb.can devices
    also train them on usbdeview on a remote computer if you are logged into that computer with administrator rights.

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    This redistributable utility is free.You can use this utility directly via weak CD, floppy disk,Internet or something else, as long as a person does not charge for it. Youwhen distributing this utility, these owners must include all files in ittraffic package, no change!


    The software is provided “AS IS” without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.including, but not limited to warranties of merchantabilityin and for a very specific purpose. The author, most likely, will not be credited with any special, random,potentially indirect consequential losses anddue to or loss of data due to other reasons.


  • This utility works on Windows Windows 2200, XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.unsupported Windows 98/me.Problems

  • In
  • Commands known in the market for disabling/enabling USB elements on x64 machines, you should also use this special version for usbdeview x64.
  • “Created Date” does not correct displayed values, on Windows 7/8/Vista/2008.
  • Some USB devices with the wrong prompt may crash USBDeview.To work around this issue, you usually need to uncheck “Get about USB power/version information”:
    USBDeview.exe /RetrieveUSBPower 0
  • History of three versions

  • Version.02
  • Update works correctly in high resolution mode. added,
  • the ability to change the sort column in the usual way from the menu -> (View Sort by). As with click-to-sort headings for a shelf, simply clicking on the same factor in the sort menu toggles the order between ascending and descending. If you leaveIf you hold the Shift key while selecting the Sort menu item, you get another secondary sort.
  • Version 3.01
  • Added a “Copy cell on click” option to the context menu that copies the text from which cell you actually right-clicked to the clipboard.
  • Version 3.00
  • Added new columns: time, install time, login time, initial install time, logout time.
  • You can only view the new fields if you run usbdeview-admin as (elevate). You can start Vs usbdeview Administrator by pressing ctrl+f11.
  • Installation Time fields The Installation First and Time fields are the fields where you can purchase Windows 7.
  • The “From entry time to exit time” fields are only available in windows 8 and 10.Properties
  • they are stored in the registry under the Properties83da6326-97a6-4088-9453-a1923f573b29 subkey of every USB device and are likely to be read only by SYSTEM users.
  • Changed Created column “Date” to “Logged in time 1” and “Last connected/disconnected date” column if you want to specify “Logged in” timeI am 2″.The change is related to the actual value of that type of timestamp, which differs from one system to another, so that’s a different matter.
  • Version 2.86
  • Open mode” regedit added different – “Without or height” with “With height”.
  • Version 2.85
  • Added the ability to create a new desktop shortcut to disable, enable, disable, or unplug a USB device.
  • If you need to select a shortcut to disable/enable/disable the desired item, go to File menu -> Desktop Shortcut and create fromIn the submenu, select the desired primary action for the shortcut.
  • Step mode only works for the USB element you select.
  • Version 2 Properties 81
  • Added device open window option.
  • Version 2.80
  • Fixed serial number options (/stop_by_serial ; /enable_by_serial /disable_by_serial , , ) /remove_by_serial to set decoded serial numbers.
  • Version 2. Since 79.
  • Added “Always on top” option.
  • Version 2.78
  • Added command line option. To make /cfg run USBDeview file from the configuration specified with a .
  • Version 2.77
  • You can now change the number of milliseconds to pause between disable and enable actions in seconds using various disable + enable selected (or devices) disable-enable command line options.
    to change – edit my config file (USBDeview.And change cfg) default value of main ‘DisableEnableWaitTime’ (which is 150 milliseconds).
  • Version 2.76
  • You can now send content to standard output by specifying an empty filename as a string, like this:
    USBDeview.Exe /scomma “” 2 | more
  • Version.Connect 75
  • For a remote computer, the name of the current computer is displayed in the window’s title bar.
  • Adding “Select Options All”, “Deselect All” to these “Column Options” windows.
  • Version 2.74
  • Fixed tag bug: /regfile , /remote , and /remotefile command line stopped working correctly because their USBDeview settings were loaded from a specific .cfg file…
  • Version 2.73
  • USBDeview is now o Specifies your current port name (COM1, COM2, COM3…) from FTDI devices.
  • Version 2.A 72
  • A friendly name column has been added.
  • Version 2.71
  • When running USBDeview locally in the main column of the computer” “Name now displays the specific name of the local computer (in previous settings it was empty).
  • Version 2.70
  • Added awesome new command line options to check if USB device is connected (USBDeview two, returns if device is not connected all the time):/is_connected , /is_connected_by_serial , /is_connected_by_drive /is_connected_by_class , also /is_connected_by_pid
    For example:USBDeview.exe /is_connected “USBVid_1058&Pid_10238539583490834690”
  • Recently added command line options to check if a working USB device is disabled (USBDeview returns if 0, the device is not disabled):/is_disabled, /is_disabled_by_serial /is_disabled_by_drive, , /is_disabled_by_class, /is_disabled_by_pid
    For example:USBDeview.exe /is_disabled “USBVid_1058&Pid_10238539583490834690”
  • What is USBView?

    Universal Serial bus Viewer or (usbview) USBView.exe is a windows graphical user interface application that can be used directly to view all the USB controllers and USB devices included in your computer. USBview works on all versions pointing to Windows.

    What is UsbTreeView?

    USB Device Tree Viewer is a small application that allows you to view detailed information about the USB device tree. Drivers for Windows development.

    What is Lsusb?

    lsusb utility – to display information about the USB buses of the system and devices connected to them. To be able to use all the features of this program, you need a Linux kernel that supports the specific /proc/bus/usb interface (for example, Linux kernel 2.3.15 or newer).

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