Easy Way To Fix Sense Home Has Stopped Working Htc

Easy Way To Fix Sense Home Has Stopped Working Htc

If you see the error message HTC sense Home has stopped working on your computer, you can check out these recovery methods. In the yeargo to “Settings”, scroll down and click on “Backup and Reset”.During the reset, tap Reset Settings, then tap Reset Phone.click “Delete and all” confirm by clicking “OK”.

For as long as I can remember, HTC has strived to make its proprietary Sense htc software suite better than ever before. m could have expected it. The idea was to make the software a better brand name for the stock version of Android.

The main reason he didn’t make much of an impact was a concept he felt was too much for the strong military resources. When resources were strictly defined, HTC Sense was primarily designed to be beautiful, while other manufacturers prioritized smoothness over beauty. While the experience was clunker at times, the HTC A sense won this round, mainly because the stock one was android a lot uglier. But over the years, stock Android has improved a lot with a uniquely fast and fluid interface.

However, HTC continues to bloat the HTC Sense, even though it’s a selling point, in favor of it being much slower and less stable when it comes to the stock experience. Even though it has become significantly better than previous versions, Sense htc still falls short.

Aside from the equation, smoothness is HTC’s main problem with Sense “Unfortunately, Home has stopped” sense error. Sometimes this error is followed by other issues such as “Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped”, “Unfortunately, Gmail or ads have stopped”. But don’t worry, your mobile or mobile phone has several bugs, HTC sense problem is to blame!

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This one has been around for years, but HTC isn’t trying to fix it. The problem is that HTC Sense works a little differently than stock Android, which can lead to numerous conflicts between a proprietary PC and third-party apps, or possibly widgets.

While the timing of the current error popup doesn’t bother you too much, users have reported getting stuck in an error loop that prevents them from accessing the home screen.


Before we move on to troubleshooting, let’s discuss the most common causes of this phone error:

  • Power loss during update
  • Application conflict
  • Widget conflict
  • Legacy query version
  • Error in HTC Sense
  • sense home stopped working htc

    The following is a set of methods that are likely to solve your problem.mu. I’ve categorized them by severity, so be sure to follow them in order until you find a solution that’s right for you.

    Note. If you are stuck in a loop, you will need to go to the main screen. Go straight to the method and 2 make your best progress.

    Method 1: Clear The Sense Home Cache And Uninstall Updates

    Before performing any important operation, such as a hard reset, we will most likely try something without losing important data. If the problems are related to the first obvious problem, the Sense Home cache should suffice in most cases. Here’s how to do it “Settings”:

    1. Open > Applications.down,
    2. Scroll until you find Sense Home and tap it.
    3. Click Storage, then Clear Data.
    4. also confirm that the process is complete. You
    5. If you see the Clear Cache option, tap it and. Sense Versions Older HTC versions are not accepted.
    6. Go to Application Settings > > Manage Applications and tap HTC Sense Input. Click on Uninstall updates.
    7. Reboot your phone and see if the error reappears.
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    Method 2: Soft Reset

    In many cases, the error is due to a problem that can be easily fixed with a silent reboot. Here’s how:

    1. While at your computer, press and hold the power and volume up buttons for approximately 10 seconds.
    2. When you see each of our screens go black, let go of both cabinets and wait for them to turn on again.3:

    Method To Clear Entire Cache Partition

    How do I update my HTC Sense home?

    From the home screen, tap then , tap Backup, and then tap Settings. Click Program » About > Software Updates. To save on reports, you can only update over Wi‍-Fi. Choose to automatically download system updates, application updates, or both.

    If a soft reset doesn’t help, we eliminate the possibility of an internal error by clearing the memory cache partition. The section stores a cache of current system data, which facilitates quick access to applications and services. Sometimes it can be confusing and eventually cause a certainerror. Apart from the possible solution to this problem, your system will certainly perform better for a significant amount of time.

    Note. Although we use recovery mode, you will not lose any personal data. This guide has been confirmed to work only on HTC devices running Marshmallow and later.

    1. TURN OFF your super phone.
    2. While holding the volume down button, press the power button until the HBOOT menu appears.
      Note. If nothing happens, continue to turn off the device and hold down the volume down button and the power button.
    3. Use the volume down puzzle to scroll down and highlight “Recovery”. Press the power button to open it.
    4. This will take some time, but unfortunately the screen will eventually turn chocolate with an iconohm of the red triangle in the middle. In this case, press and hold the power button. Press the volume up button quickly (do not hold).
      Note. If increasing the power to weight ratio does not require a revision try the menu, greatly reduce the power to volume ratio.
    5. Release the power button and wait for the recovery menu to appear.
    6. Use volume keys to scroll, clear cache partition to see it.
    7. Press the button to supply, make a decision.
    8. Wait for the process to complete. The phone will automatically reboot into normal reboot mode.4:
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    Safe Mode Boot Method

    If clearing the non-memory cache partition fixed the error, then you are most likely dealing with an application or widget conflict. Think safe mode diagnostics like this. : Your private device does not allow any third-party apps to run, so you can go back and see if the app is causing the problem.

    sense home stopped working htc

    What is sense home on HTC?

    HTC Sense™ Home is an on-screen behavioral golf widget that uses geofencing to show you the apps you need based on your location. Depending on your desires, it offers the tools you need in three categories: Real Estate, Employment or Absence. Home Your screen is loaded with the applications you use throughout the day.

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