Troubleshooting MSN Money Excel 2013 Stock Quotes

Troubleshooting MSN Money Excel 2013 Stock Quotes

In some cases, your computer may generate an error code that says msn Money Excel 2013 stock quotes. There can be many reasons for this problem.


Stock Quotes is an add-on that uses the Google Finance service to receive stocks. The service appears to have been discontinued by Google in March 2018. The add-on is not currently operational.

The creative version now uses the Google Finance API and will not work with the old add-on. Google Finance uses other stock symbols. Now a new lookup dialog is available, more data values ​​can be corrected. Old ko add-onstock quotes uses Yahoo Finance receipt for stock quotes. Products canceled by yahoo on January 11, 2017

Years ago, Microsoft made the MSN MoneyCentral Stock quote add-on available for Excel, and it was a really cool tool, but it all comes down to the fact that the tool suddenly became unavailable. The My Stock Quote For Excel add-in is a replacement for the old MSN add-on based on the fantastic Excel DNA library to use the new Excel function to access stock market data from the Google Finance website.


The add-in provides an Excel option called psq to get information such as the open, last, minimum, maximum value, or even the name of the passed symbol. Look at the following formula examples:

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  • =PSQ(A1; “PRICE”), =PSQ(A1; “CLOSED”, =PSQ(A1; “LAST”) or just =PSQ(A1)
  • =PSQ(A1;”LOW”)
  • =psq(a1;”OPEN”)
  • =PSQ(A1; “UP”)
  • =PSQ(A1;”LOW52″)
  • =PSQ(A1;”HIGH52″)
  • =PSQ(A1;”VOLUME”)
  • =PSQ(A1;”MODIFY”)
  • =PSQ(A1; “NAME”)
  • =PSQ(A1;“DATE”) => NOT the date of the last transaction, but only the date of the remaining requestca
  • )

  • =psq(a1;”time” => Trade time is NOT still useful, just query from time
  • =PSQ(A1;” TICKER”) or =PSQ(A1;”CHAR” )
  • =PSQ(A1;”MODIFY”)
  • IMPORTANT: DATE&TIME is the timestamp of the last request, not the date of the last transaction. Google Finance API no longer returns data like this.



    There are several ways to get stock quotes in Excel. For example, there are professional add-ons that can download historical stock credit quotes to Excel and provide tools to analyze information, create charts, and provide multiple technical analysis events. Since this last article “Kitchens by Districts” was updated (01/03/2022), the simplest method I’m considering is to use the progressive inventory datatype, and I’ve created a free template that will get your site up and running.

    If someone wants to update stock quotes directly in Excel, it’s worth switching from 365 to Office. The new stock data type makes it easier to transfer stocks to Excel materials. Check if the excel version works with the new article functionality, download the style above. If the stock quote table is working and can be updated using Data > Update All, you’re good to go!

    This template also includes a very simple electronic stock portfolio spreadsheet that uses the VLOOKUP function to get the current price based on the stock symbol. Please note from (the disclaimer is not intended for professional or stock trading purposes and/or possibly for advice).

    Stock Quotes In Excel Via Google Sheets

    How do I get MSN Money quotes in Excel?

    Click the “Insert Stock Quotes” button. The “Stock Quotes” screen will open as shown below:Enter the stock symbol for which you are requesting a quote.Note that the custom add-in uses the MSNStockQuote on function to retrieve data.

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    msn money stock quotes excel 2013

    The Google Finance feature in You Spreadsheets allows google to defer stock and mutual fund policies. After creating the array of tokens you need, you can write the sheet as a web page (via File > Publish to Art Web). Can you then import your data into Excel using a planetary query that uses a Google Sheet as its data source? To do this, follow these steps:

    Step 10. Start With A Google Sheets Template

    We have created a Google Sheets template which in turn uses the GOOGLEFI functionNANCE to display stock quotes. you can make a good copy of this template and modify it to your own list of stocks and funds.


    Step: Add Stocks And Mutual Funds

    To add a new stock symbol to each of our sheets, google the column symbol in A and then copy the funds from the previous rows.

    Step 3: Publish The Website

    To connect a Google document to an Excel sheet, first make it available on any website. In Google Sheets, choose File > On Publishing Website.

    Select the StockQuotes spreadsheet from the drop-down list. Then click the “Publish” button often and the displayed copied URL will be highlighted as in the screenshot below.

    This will make the spreadsheet visible to anyone accessing it. To be on the safe side, you should only google the sheet to list insurance stock prices. Do not add personal other financial files to the published worksheet.

    Step 4. Import To Excel Via You Web Query

    You can now use the URL associated with the published emailtable throne Google, to evaluate the data in Excel. Create a new Excel spreadsheet, then choose Data > Get External Data > From Web.

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    Paste the URL you reproduced from Google Sheets into the address bar and the wizard will complete.Redesign

    For a web query, select Data > Update All.

    With an Excel file, you can now support VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH to explore large query data. For example, use a reminder formula, =INDEX(D:D,MATCH(“MSFT”,B):B,0)) to get the MSFT exit price.

    MSN Stock Money Quote Supplement

    msn money stock quotes excel 2013

    The old way to work with stock quotes in Excel was the free MSN Stock money Quote For Excel Version 2002 2003 and (and 2007) add-on. But this add-on no longer works. The Old MSN data source is actually no longer available ( Instead, Excel uses the new datastore enabled options, as in my style above.

    Historical Stock Prices Via Yahoo Finance

    You can create an Earth request to access Yahoo! to to access from. Funds most or most other websites, notI found this approach a little cumbersome. The best way to understand this important fact is to download historical stock price data from Yahoo Finance to Excel:

    How do I add live stock in Excel 2013?

    To find an Excel stock quote, first convert the text to the “stocks” data type. You can then use another column to get specific tips related to that data, choose stock price type, amount change, etc.

    Does Excel 2013 have stock?

    There is a Stock Add-In quote For Excel 2013 that does this in addition to the 2013 version.

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