Steps To Troubleshoot Issues With Disabled Add-ins In Outlook

Steps To Troubleshoot Issues With Disabled Add-ins In Outlook

Here are a few simple steps that can help you fix the disabled Outlook add-ins issue.

Click File > Options > Add-Ins.At the bottom of the window where it says Manage, just click the Go button.In the pop-up dialog box, select the add-ons you want to disable or remove.To disable some add-ons, simply uncheck the box next to their name.

How do I get rid of slow and disabled add-ins in Outlook?

Office 2013 and later programs ensure that the add-in is retained because applications disable the add-in as it runs over time. However, you can re-enable the add-in and select the Always enable this type of add-in option to prevent Office from automatically disabling the add-in. For example, the episode below shows an add-in that is not suitable because it causes Outlook to close slowly. Being able to always enable this add-on looks nice by comparison.

What Are Add-ins?

Add-ins are additional features used by the software to create professional services that link their application to Outlook. You can install add-ons yourselfBut by opening Outlook and clicking Home > Get Add-ons, it will show someone some of the add-ins available to you.

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Remove Outlook Add-ins

Remove Add-ins Outlook

In The Outlook Desktop Client, Select In Add-ins In The Field Bar. A New “Show All Typical Add-ons” Pop-up Window Will Open, Where You Can View And Pay For All Installed Add-ons.


If you insist on if you have problems with the approaches at least you’ve fixed the problem so you don’t have to use an additive that’s been overloaded. If we missed something, or if you need more help with your awesome Office 365 apps, feel free to contact us.

Fix Broken Outlook Add-in Notifications

All of our broken COM add-ins show up in File dialog -> Slow and disabled COM add-ins. It clearly shows the average delay of the next unhealthy supplement. You can also access the dialog box by clicking “Show Disabled Add-ons” or “Show Add-ons”Important information” in the warning message that appears.

Do Not Force Disable â Outlook Drags Add-ins – In

In some cases, Outlook decides to disable an add-in because it detects a delay when starting or closing Outlook. It may also be necessary if other add-ins are interfering with them, or if other PC/antivirus patches are scanning while Outlook is loading.

How Do I Find Outlook Add-ins?

As an end user, your family will sometimes stumble upon an Outlook add-on when they are looking for a certain feature or function that you need to perform directly, rather than looking and/or maybe… shopping in storefronts: list of add-ons.< /p>
disable add ons in outlook

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