How Do I Troubleshoot Problems Converting Word Documents To PowerPoint 2010?

How Do I Troubleshoot Problems Converting Word Documents To PowerPoint 2010?

If you have converted Word Doc to Powerpoint 2010 on your system, we hope this guide will help you fix it.

document,Open the one you want to convert your presentation to using Word Online.Select “File” > “Export” > to “Export” to support the PowerPoint presentation.windowIn Export as Concept, select a theme to work with your presentation, and then select Export.

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Sometimes when you finish working on a Word document, you also need to create a PowerPoint presentation with the same content for many reasons. Currently, you can worry about endless copy-pasting and to createReading a PowerPoint file from an introductory Word document. From this point of view, you need to learn a simple and convenient way to directly convert Word to PPT. In this article, we will discuss 4 methods to convert free document key phrases into talking PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Method 1: Word converts a compatible document to a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Method 2: Open the Word file in PowerPoint.
  3. Method 3: Import a Word diagram into PowerPoint.
  4. Method 4: Insert a good Word document as an object

Method 1: Word Successfully Converts The Document To A PowerPoint Presentation

You may be able to convert Word documents to PowerPoint by following these steps:

Step 1: Open Word as a document, click Start, and use styles to format Word content.

convert word doc to powerpoint 2010

Step 2. Press Ctrl to select the texts to reduce the title, then first select “Title” in the “Styles” section.

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With the text selected, press Ctrl to move it, then choose Heading from the Styles section.

Step 3. Click the arrow at the top of the left menu and select From Commands’.


step. Select “Commands” from the “Select commands from” menu, select “Send to Microsoft in powerpoint” from the specific submenu, click “Add”, then click “OK”.


step. Click the “Submit Microsoft PowerPoint” icon on the top bar and your probably powerpoint is ready.

allowed Edit

You can customize the PowerPoint format to suit your needs and then save.

Advice. Heading 1 is the title of the slide, Heading 2 is the body text, and Heading 3 is the subtext or bullets. This method does not work with images. If you have images in your Word document and want to add them to PowerPoint later, remove them if you manually add them later when someone is editing PowerPoint.

Method 2: Word Opens File From PowerPoint

You can also use this method to export Word documents to a PowerPoint presentation:

Step 1. Format Set the Word file according to the method in step 1.


Step. Open Microsoft Press powerpoint, Tab, then File and just open a tab.

Step 3.Select “All” to open the file, go to newWhere you saved the Word file, click the file, then click Open.

You can then save the content again as a new PowerPoint presentation.

Method 3: Import The Word Into A PowerPoint Diagram

The first step. Open Word, select Preview document, then click Preview Outline.


Step. Click When checking your selections, select Level 1 texts above the main headings. They must match the slide headings.

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Select multiple layers for other texts. These are slide texts. Then save and close Word.


step. Open a blank PowerPoint, click “Start” > “New Slide” > “Insert Slide from Diagram”, Word will insert your diagram. Then prepared slides markers and.


Tips: 1 can be the title of the slide, level 2 can be negative text, level 3 and above can be sub-points. The body text is not displayed in PowerPoint. In any case, Word will automatically convert the images for you, in fact you will have to copy and paste them manually or paste them into your own slides.

Method 4: Insert Document For Object a Word

Step 1. Select the slide where you want to place a specific Word document, click on Insert and if yes, select Object.

Step 2: In the Insert Select Object dialog, Create External File.


Step. Click Browse to find the Word document you want to insert, you select the Word document and even click OK. And click OK to paste the document’s Word content as an object.

convert word doc to powerpoint 2010

Tips: You can also test a one-way link to insert a related object, which will turn your object into a link to open the document you imported into Word. When you edit a linked Word document, the new changes are automatically updated in PowerPoint. And if you’d rather open the document in Word than PowerPoint, the client can mark the view as popular so they can insert a Word icon that becomes the presentation. Clicking the general icon opens the document in Word.

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