How To Fix Problems Connecting Laptop To HDMI TV, No Sound

How To Fix Problems Connecting Laptop To HDMI TV, No Sound

We hope this blog entry helps you when you have no sound when connecting your laptop to an HDMI TV.

Right click on the volume icon in that particular bottom right corner of Windows. A context menu will appear.Click Playback Devices.On the Playback tab, select Digital Output Device or HDMI. Click Set Default, then click OK.


Why Audio Isn’t Working

There are several reasons why HDMI audio might not work. The problem may be related to your PC, HDMI cable, main monitor or TV. Start by transferring HDMI to another computer. If the problem persists, the problem is likely with the insert or the monitor/TV; not when perhaps a computer can be difficult. Also try another known working HDMI TV cable. If the problem persists, the problem may be related to the PC or monitor/TV. You can also try using a different TV/Monitor to furtherbut isolate the problem.

How do I get my laptop to play sound through my TV HDMI?

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is becoming a common option on laptop computers for sending TV.This signal (and sometimes the audio signal) to an external monitor such as a flat screen TV. HDMI inputs are becoming popular for HDTVs, and some of them usually offer dedicated HDMI connections to PCs. HDMI can carry both video and audio over the same cable, and in some cases nothing is usually needed to send audio from a PC to a TV. However, some laptops and/or TVs require more wires or cables to connect MP3s.

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Adjust The Audio Output On The TV Connected To The Computer Via HDMI:

This is definitely an unusual sound. There was an issue with the HDMI port on a Windows 10 PC. And you should be familiar with the fact that the default audio output is set to send to your Windows 10 PC’s main speakers.

connecting laptop to tv hdmi no sound

Using HDMI: No Sound On TV

Unlike what you might try if you are using an HDMI connection with a monitor and Windows, there really aren’t many possibilities where this problem can be caused every time you connect to a TV . .

Check Your Windows Sound Settings

First of all, this can be done in the Windows warning area. If you see a speaker icon, click it and you should see the name of the new device that is currently used for the sound of the final product.

When I connect my laptop to TV HDMI no sound?

Note. The HDMI signal wiring setting depends on each HDMI port. This means that you must follow the steps above correctly in order to change the settings of almost any HDMI connector that a device is connected to.

Why is audio not working through HDMI?

Does HDMI carry sound? In general, the answer is often yes. HDMI is a type of interface commonly used on computers and televisions to transfer audio and graphic data. However, some people find that when they connect their computer to a TV, monitor, or other device, certain HDMI audio doesn’t work. This post on MiniTool TV will show you how to get out of the crisis yourself.

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How to fix no audio when connecting PC to TV?

How to get sound from computer to TV?

How do I connect my laptop to HDMI?

Why is HDMI not playing sound on TV?

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